Nature Walks Are Good For Your Soul

It’s summer in New York. Yeah!

I was born in the winter but I stopped liking winter a long time ago. I was born in the inner city but I’ve grown to dislike the city with a passion. I don’t like the crowds and all the noise.

Yesterday, my husband was invited by one of his softball companions to a barbecue in Upstate New York. I took this picture on my nature walk through the mountain trails.

Beautiful; sunny and hot. Just like I like it.

The calm of the trails I walked upon were completely therapeutic. I believe God designed it that way. The smell of the greenery and wild flowers has a way of touching the soul.

I believe that herbs and even some flowers are holistically designed by our Creator to heal the human body.


There is a whole science to the study of colors and how different colors affect a person mentally and emotionally. Also, the science of aromatherapy studies how various scents affect a person mentally and emotionally.

There I was smack dab in the middle of  a spiritual concert. My senses of sight, smell and hearing were in full alert.

All of nature is perfectly balanced. The discerning eye can see the benefits of all that nature provides. The green of the leaves and bushes are symbolic for life, health, growth and prosperity. The morning song of the birds chirping symbolize communication and alertness. The scents of the forest signify rest and prayer.

We all need a regular dose of fresh air, peace and quiet.  It’s so easy to fall into a pattern of busy-ness that we forget to take a health break. We need our soul refreshed and a nature walk–though it sounds simple is just what the doctor ordered. We can never get too much of it.

Nature walks are good for meditation and provide a great environment to pray. Jesus was known to go the mountain often to pray and meditate. In this quiet place, creativity can run free. With a notebook and pen in hand, your nature walk can inspire needful strategies for the issues at hand and offer the blueprints necessary for a new financial plan or ideas to apply to your marriage.

I plan on taking full advantage of these summer days to walk, meditate and pray. Many picnics and visits to the pool are on the agenda. I hope you do too. You may need to travel a few hours to the mountains but your nature walks can be at a nearby park or beach.

Give good care to your soul. The three-fold cord of mind, will and emotions need the therapeutic benefits of what nature has to offer.

Make a conscience decision to take care of your soul. Take nature walks. Take some alone time to relax and bask in the glory of God’s creation (nature).

You are both a natural being and a spiritual being. If you take care of your soul; your soul will take of you.




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