Are You Willing to Risk the Past for the Good Fortune of the Future?


Time promises all of us a future but it is only God that knows what truly awaits us in the future.

What are you carrying into your future?

If your present resembles the past, there is a good chance that the future will also.

Too often, we make the mistake of becoming friends with the past. And, you know old friends love to catch up and look back at the past. The good times and the bad times make for good conversation but it’s not good for personal transformation.

Your past is etched in stone but your future is written in the wind. (The wind of the Holy Spirit that is.)  The past digs into the recesses of your mind; unwilling to die, it fights to stay alive in the forefront of your mind.

God doesn’t want you stuck in a false idea of the spiritual things. The spirit realm is the substance with which your material world is built.

By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.


I’d like to give you three examples of how what was impossible for one person; became possible for another.

  • In 1876, Alexander Bell desired to speak to someone from long distance and invented the telephone.
  • In 1903, the Wright Brothers gazed into the sky and their desire to reach it created the airplane.
  • In 1914, Florence Parpart invented the modern electric refrigerator to help store her families food.

All three of these inventors had vision that was ignited by a need or a desire. All three were dis-satisfied with their present condition. Communication was the gift from the telephone to Alexander Bell. Elevation was the gift from the airplane to the Wright Brothers. Preservation of food was the gift from the refrigerator to Florence Part. All three of these inventions helped shape the future.

The future has some very unique gifts for you.

I didn’t share those examples because we are all called to be inventors but I simply use them to show how their vision and inexhaustible determination — created their desired result.

Are you ready to shape your future?

Are you ready to mold and frame your future?

God doesn’t want you to step into the future. He desires that you make the future. How you see and what you see is going to do just that.

The great gifts that life has for you are wrapped in your creativity and your “I’m not gonna quit” attitude.


As a spiritual being, the past, present and future all live outside of you. Technically, you are not in a race against time. You are in a race against ideas. Great ideas that are wrestling with the seeds of insecurity, condemnation and unbelief within you.

Wisdom Keys

This race is a battle between your perception and your misconception.  There is right now a battle between what you believe versus what you see. The sooner you overcome negative perception–the sooner conception of God’s divine deposits in you will materialize.

God doesn’t want you to wait on destiny. Your vision is either leading you or misleading you. God has given you dreams, visions and prophecies for the sole purpose to take you out of where you are to “the where” set aside for you as part of your spiritual inheritance to enjoy on the Earth.

Is there a dream that haunts you? A dream that revealed grand possibilities beyond your abilities? These kinds of dreams are what I call “Productive Dreams”. These are dreams specifically designed to elevate the mind with hidden knowledge for the sole purpose of prospering and elevating you in the marketplace or ministry.



All of your major successes will come through a certain level of risk. If you are unwilling to risk the past for the good fortune of the future; you are not ready to receive the fullness of  your spiritual birthright.

Even when there is no realization of your gifts and talents; vision creates something extraordinary. None of the people I mentioned had superior minds. They simply allowed multitudes of failure to inspire them to try something new–until presto-chango–what they couldn’t give words to–gave birth to a new thing.

Today, start speaking to the future. In your time of rest and relaxation take a note pad and begin to write your ideas. [Ideas of new things.] Is it a book? Is it a new clothing line? Is it a new social media application?

Search the inner most part of you for what inspires you. Give validation and worth to the fantastic that resides in you.

Let the child in you loose. Nothing is impossible in the mind of a child.

I’d love to see your dreams.

God, your Heavenly Father wants to put a new smile on your face–new fire in your belly–new pep in your step.

The Redefining and Reinvesting of a New Awesome 

You are awesome. The world needs what you have. You are the answer to someone’s question. Trust that you are empowered with purpose and equipped with the amazing.

When you can’t put your finger on what’s stirring you; let the Holy Spirit bring you re-definition and re-invention.




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