THE GENESIS FACTOR: The Mystery of Original Design and Your “Now” Authority on the Earth


Hidden within the words and wisdom of creation through Moses are the answers to true purpose, power and unlimited provision. It’s so easy to lose sight of who we really and all that’s wrapped in our awesomeness.

You are not just a created thing; you are a designed thing.

Fashioned and modelled in the image of the Most High; your innate gifts and talents are direct representations of God’s universal power and anointing.

You don’t represent God: God re-presents Himself through you. He unveils and imparts the substance of His glory through you.

Your beginning begins in eternity.

You are a being that is limitless.

You are not just a created thing; you have been hand-crafted and carved out of the substance of the Divine.

Your personal revelation of yourself in Christ reflects the potency and abilities of God through you.

If you are of Christ, that which Christ possesses–possesses you.

God’s heavenly and infinite supply of Heaven is released in you and through you.  

What has the Holy Spirit revealed in your secret place about the specifics and essence of your existence and purpose?

Of course, I don’t mean what you’ve learned from bible studies or a spiritual leader. Neither am I asking who you perceive yourself to be.


Have you discovered?

  • What you are?
  • Who you are?
  • Why you are?
  • How you are?
  • When you are?

Keep in mind that the above questions have different answers based on the seasons and destinations of your life. 


Your identity should not be regulated to the restrictiveness of your finite mind. Don’t restrain the future by your present limited vision. As there are many dimensions to God, so also there are many dimensions to your soul and spirit.

The past is always the enemy of the future. And, when we are educated and inspired by the saints and prophets of old, we are not to confine our anointing and divine abilities to what God has done through them.

As the expressed image of God; you are the physical likeness of omnipotence, omnipresent and omniscience. Through God, there is nothing you can’t know, nothing you can’t do and nowhere you can’t go.

Self-perception is then a personal revelation of who we are in Christ and not who we are in ourselves without Him.

The beginning of a thing determines the end of a thing. Adam and Eve’s beginning gives us a glimpse of our potential, inheritance and rewards.

Our God abides in the new and He wants to do it through you. But, understand this “The new” is constant and eternal. Don’t allow your past accomplishments, successes and performances to keep you “stuck”. In other words, comfortable or in fear to go further and do more.

Behold, I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it_ I will even make a road in the wilderness And rivers in the desert.

A false sense of self is guaranteed to distract you, discourage you and misdirect you. A limited vision of yourself cannot see beyond the natural.

What’s the new thing that the Lord wants to do through you?

In what direction is the Holy Spirit tugging?

What is the Lord saying to you through prophetic words, dreams and visions?

Here’s a different perspective. Your beginning like Adam and Eve determines your end.  Hmmm. Does your beginning begin in what tradition and Christianity has taught you? Or , does your beginning begin in your revelation of your new self? And in being new, your newness and your new thing are constant.

Does your beginning begin at the cross you have in your mind or, does it begin in the revelation of Christ in your spirit? Christ Jesus perfected humanity.

Christ has restored our spiritual authority and earthly sovereignty.

The anointing of the Holy Spirit allows you to abide in Heavenly places and rule on the Earth.

You have been given control over your sphere of influence. Dominion is not a catchphrase or an expectation for the future. Dominion gives you the authority to exercise your power now.

Adam was bestowed with authority before the fall. And, his responsibilities were within the confines of the garden. Like it or not, Adam was God on the Earth. This is not a blasphemous statement. Even Yahweh Most High did not consider it blasphemous to say to Moses, “I have made you a god unto Pharaoh; and Aaron, thy brother, shall be thy prophet.” Meaning, I have given you absolute authority and power over Pharaoh.

In like manner, whatever Adam said was done. Authority was his beginning but he struggled through life because of sin.

What are your struggles? The struggle is another way of saying “you are battling an opposing force.” What’s currently opposing you? What’s hindering you? The anointing should be applied to your struggles and hindrances.

Your anointing has a distinctive mark in the spirit realm–it is a badge that principalities and demons can see–and must submit to.


God’s anointing upon you positions you to take control, command authority and flourish in all your endeavours. 

It’s your time to operate in “Genesis”. Not your genesis–God’s genesis.

The concept of beginning again is often thought of as a new life in Christ. But the “new” is often vague and limited.

Adam reveals our natural existence and potential.

Jesus Christ reveals our spiritual existence and potential.

Your genesis begins with a revelation, not information.

Your authority begins with transformation.

Your power begins with the liberation of spirit, mind and body.

Let “Genesis” begin!

I’m very confident that when the Lord begins to unveil this principle “The Genesis Factor” that you and the Church body as a whole will come into a new beginning that the world has never seen before.

In your time of meditation and prayer, present these truths to the Lord and allow Him to further reveal what you need to ignite a true “Genesis” with you.

God is leading me to continue this topic as a series. In the next coming weeks, we’ll explore these most fundamental and complex precepts.

Stay tuned.

Blessings beloved.


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