This Dirty Little “D” is Delaying Your Destiny

Let’s talk about a more detailed understanding of destiny.

Most people believe that destiny is something that happens to them.

Some people believe that they have forfeited their destiny because of past sins or mistakes.

Some people are confused about their destiny.

Others, don’t know what their destiny is.

Everything has a destiny. Everything has a beginning, a middle and an end.

I want to illustrate something special.

The hammer is designed to force a nail through the wood.

The hammer is the beginning and the wood is the end.

The nail is not the end because the nail stands between the hammer and the wood.

The hammer has a purpose, the nail has a purpose and the wood has a purpose.

And, none of this is possible without the hand.

Everyone that takes up a hammer has a vision in mind.

Through the many seasons in your life; you’ll find that those seasons are made up of multiple destinies [many destinations]. Your personal destiny is not limited to one isolated location or a single precise moment in time.

Before God formed you; engraved on the blueprints of the spirit; the Lord sketched your person with an end in mind. Still a rough draft on His drawing board, He penciled in the unique abilities you’ll need in order to fulfill His purpose through you.

No matter what you do, your divine destiny cannot be denied but it can be delayed. Ask Jonah.

What is this dirty little “D”?

Nothing is more crippling to your faith than “doubt”.

Doubt knows how to creep into small places and destroy hope, faith, courage…so many emotions and bed decisions because of doubt.

What are the 6 Most Powerful Side-Effects of Doubt? 

  1. Doubt is a response of your mind that pollutes the initial response of your faith.
  2. Doubt prevents you. It arrests you, strangles you and delays you.
  3. Doubt questions faith and struggles to choke the assurance of the heart.
  4. Doubt is indecisive and inconclusive. It is cowardly and easily manipulated.
  5. Doubt stands between two opinions and refuses to choose because of fear.
  6. Doubt robs you of faith. And, while you may believe at the moment; indecision and confusion suck it all out.

Here are the 4 Most Fatal Wounds to Your Destiny.

  1. Doubt assassinates your dreams.
  2. Doubt hinders your gifts.
  3. Doubt clouds your vision.
  4. Doubt clouds your judgment.

Doubt also masquerades itself as “the constant need for prophetic confirmation”.

Either you heard God or you didn’t. If you don’t know if it’s God then it wasn’t. His distinct voice leaves no room for doubt.

Doubt is the dirty little serpent that constantly whispers “Did God say?” in your ear.

As soon as you remove doubt; destiny will shift its gears from neutral to overdrive!

One of Satan’s dirty tricks is to use your mind against you. But, this is not a battle for your mind.

Doubt is just the nail. Satan is the hammer pounding away at your faith.

Satan is not really after your mind. That’s just a by-product of his real desire.

His real desires is to steel destiny from you.

He’s after your future.

Without a mind, how will you fulfill the fullness of your calling and potential?

Here Are 11 Ways to Defeat Doubt and Walk in Destiny:

  1. Assure yourself that you have heard God.
  2. Clearly identify what God said.
  3. Learn the unique ways God speaks to you.
  4. Whatever you know God said; speak it. Your spirit needs to hear it from you as well. Say it until it’s cemented in your being.
  5. Speak the opposite of what doubt is saying to you. For example, “Yes, God said…” If it’s thoughts of fear: “I speak to the fear of bankruptcy. I will not go bankrupt. God is my abundant supply.”
  6. Rebuke all mental images of dread and failure specifically. “No, I will not lose my home. This is my home. I will leave in God’s time in God’s terms. Don’t say the spirit of fear. Speak to fear in whole sentences.
  7. Write the prophetic word or God’s prophetic instructions in a journal set apart for prophecies and your dreams.
  8. Read and declare what have written consistently.
  9. See the prophecy. See your destiny.
  10. Rejoice and thank God for the awesomeness that is about to take place.
  11. Stay encouraged and feed your spirit the prophetic words you’ve received.

Today is your day to nail doubt to its coffin. Today, you have decided to no longer allow doubt to paralyze you.

I know that these principles work because they for me. As soon as you start doing what your destiny needs; your destiny will reward you above and beyond what you can ask or think. 

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