Here’s How Prophecy Gives You Advantage Over Every Battle

First, it’s important to understand how prophecy works in order for it to work in your life. As a spiritual gift, the prophetic does not operate within a time clock nor is it limited to a fixed or central location.

The prophetic stands in the present between the past and the future. The prophetic sees “the then” now. It speaks in the present what is going to take place in the future.

Time is a lucid thing, meaning it is constantly flowing. Time moves in a straight line but prophecy sees time in a circle. Prophecy sees the past, present and future at the same time.

The prophetic in you gives you the advantage of advanced knowledge. Advanced knowledge gives you the victory for your battles. It tells you how to win before getting into the fight. The fight is fixed in your favor because you have received the strategy to win before the fight starts.

We all experience setbacks, hardships and attacks but it’s when you add faith to your battle that you can truly conquer them.

Prophecy: the foretelling or prediction of what is to come; something that is declared.
Jesus said to her, “Go, call your husband, and come here.” The woman answered and said, “I have no husband.” Jesus said to her, “You have well said, ‘I have no husband,’ “for you have had five husbands, and the one whom you now have is not your husband; in that, you spoke truly.” The woman said to Him, “Sir, I perceive that You are a prophet.” John 4:16-19

Jesus did not have to consult a crystal ball, layout tarot cards, gaze at the stars or even pray about it. He simply knew details of the Samaritan woman’s past and present by the anointing of his prophetic mantle.

The gift of prophecy sees through time because time is constantly moving. As a prophetic people, we can see through time and declare in the future in the present moment. In God, there is no time, only eternity. This is a principle that must be grasped intellectually as well as spiritually.

“He has put eternity in their hearts.” Ecclesiastes 3:11

Your walk with Christ Jesus includes depth of spiritual proportions through time and space. To the knowing, to the prophetically astute, the future is as bright and as wide as their spiritual perception.

How do you attack your troubles through prophecy?

First is fellowship with God. Fellowship with God of eternity is not one-sided. It is not just eternity visiting you but it’s also you visiting eternity. God not only visits you in the natural but He can also translate you into eternity. [More on this at a later date.]

Ask Ezekiel and he will tell you of the spiritual journeys he experienced while he walked on the earth.

“The Spirit lifted me up between earth and heaven and in visions of God he took me to Jerusalem, to the entrance of the north gate of the inner court…” Ezekiel 8:3

Your battles need a word of knowledge, a vision of conquered foes and a divine victory strategy.


Then [prophetess] Deborah said to Barak, “Go! This is the day the Lord has given Sisera into your hands. Has not the Lord gone ahead of you?” So Barak went down Mount Tabor, with ten thousand men following him. Judges 4:14

Second, ask the Lord for more prophetic insight by increasing the gift of prophecy in you, sending you a prophet or giving you dreams. He will give you the answers you need for success over sickness, poverty, sin, and everything that is trying to come against you.

Victory, victory, victory–you are guaranteed victory with the prophetic.

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