There are unlimited levels of expansion for your gifts, talents and calling.

I’m so happy to know you are here.

Why the prophetic?

The prophetic gives you the advantage of seeing through time and access to the vaults of God where revelation knowledge, unlimited anointing, and power abide.

I thoroughly enjoy seeing the lives I touch walk in destiny, achieving their goals and living their dreams.

The prophetic comes to:

  1. Define your destiny.
  2. Accelerate your destiny.
  3. Shift you into destiny.

The prophetic comes to:

  1. Expand your vision beyond the stars.
  2. Enlighten the depth of your understanding.
  3. Equip you with the intellectual and spiritual preparedness to reach divine destiny with all of its levels and dimensions. 


I’m here to offer the direction you need for the life God promised.

Through my blog, you will receive prophetic insight, wisdom principles and practical anecdotes for influential and prosperous kingdom living. 


As an ordained prophet and later installed as pastor. After twelve years of serving in my local church; the Lord transitioned me from pastoral ministry into prophetic mentoring. The need for authentic prophetic ministry is crucial. The “now word of the Lord” and learning how to operate in the prophetic is very needful.

The Prophetic Center was born in 2008 from personal mentorship to now a global prophetic network that transcends religious denominations, races, cultures, and economic status. Multitudes are being redirected towards prophetic destiny, personal empowerment, and prosperous living; naturally and spiritually.  

As a gifted dreamer from a very young age, I spent many years researching and studying the science of dreams, biblical significance and more.

Today, with over thirty years of dream interpretation experience, I am able to bring clarity from a biblical and scientific perspective to the dreams I interpret.

I love how dreams help to solve problems, forewarn us and give us divine strategies for powerful kingdom living. I strongly believe there is power in our dreams to transform our present reality. 


The life well lived is the life that is void of insecurity and unbelief. That kind of life opens us to a world of endless blessings and opportunities.

Here Are 10 Huge Benefits for Reading My Blog:    

  • Improve Your Gift and Call
  • Mental Stimulation
  • Boost Intellectual Power
  • Improved Perspective
  • Receive Instruction
  • Ignite Your Faith
  • Increase Understanding
  • Memory Improvement
  • Stress Reduction
  • Fulfillment of God’s Promises

If you are a single mom or a corporate executive; there are spiritual principles and practices that provoke creativity, ingenuity, and prosperity. 

Through the Spirit of God, your time with me will be of revelatory instruction, prophetic declarations, and personal transformation. 

The beauty of your life in God is that His goodness is your blessings are without measure. The levels and dimensions of spirit, soul, and body are without end.


I’m here to serve you and I’m super excited about the journey ahead towards the fullness of God’s promised life for you.

Let’s stay in touch.    

Thank you so much for taking the time to browse my blog.

Be sure to check back often.

Yours faithfully,

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